We believe ideas have the power to spark change, and every action creates a ripple effect in the web of life. The Conscious Growth Speaker Series is a platform to showcase educational presentations from inspirational speakers. Our intention is to amplify voices, share ideas, and activate change within our local communities and ultimately, throughout the world.

This is an ongoing event taking place monthly at EARTH Space PDX. Presentations are limited to one hour, followed by a Q & A session between the speaker and the audience. People from all backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines are encouraged to apply!

If you are interested in giving a presentation, please fill out our application HERE.

This is an informative discussion where local community members explain how creativity (art, music, movement, etc.) has made an impact in their lives and how they make an impact on other lives in return. By mixing together different creators in the local area, diverse perspectives, stories, and wisdom can be shared with others to bring more compassion, understanding, and inspiration to our community. This is a monthly event taking place at The Haven / JaJaPDX with live music performances after the panel.


EIN #: 84-1942667

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